Integrated Athlete Training

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The Athlete.

A three tiered approach to athletic training. Balance, Strength and Movement are combined in different fashions to progress each athlete to higher levels of total body fitness. These workouts are based on Kimberly’s personal training experience and  formatted for small group training (4-10 people).


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Butt And Gut.

Heart pumping, lungs screaming, butt and gut burning.  Kickboxing is one of Kimberly’s favorite forms of group training. High energy music meet  fun but intense moves that are appropriate for all participants !  No added resistance , but plenty of muscle burn just the same.  


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Rock The Ride

Spinning at it’s highest level. State of the art bikes that move like you are actually on the road….. allowing the rider to utilize core muscles while maintaining their cardiovascular work out. The best of cardio and core set to amazing music……. like a rock concert on wheels!

All levels 

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Personal Training 

Personal Training is exactly how it sounds. Workouts designed for the client/participant/athlete that day, that moment. Whether a session is individual, partner or a small group ,Kimberly will make sure every person is having their specific needs met. Years of experience in group fitness and in private training have allowed Kimberly to become especially astute at quickly coming up with exercise modifications that will be beneficial to everyone that she works with. 

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