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One On One Personal Training With Kim Durden

Personal Training

Whether on the field or off; a high school athlete or the mom of one~ your body was meant to move. Let me help you find your inner athlete and get you moving with strength, balance and agility.  Unleash the ATHLETE in YOU!

We are getting so close to our completed website and full launch. As we make this transition, we appreciate your patience! If you are not a current client, and would like information about personal training, specialized workouts or group classes please provide us with your information an we will get back to you. If you don’t need any further information, would like to start training or are a current client and still need to register, please register for an account in order to begin scheduling training sessions




40 plus hours a week of training individuals of all ages, genders and abilities are only part of what makes Kimberly’s knowledge unique in the area of fitness. She also has multiple certifications that are Nationally Accredited ( ACE, Ignite 360 and TRX are just a few), and is constantly in the pursuit of learning from other credentialed professionals around the world.


Committing to a healthy lifestyle seems like an easy thing to do. Sticking to it, however, is a little bit tougher. Kimberly can help you keep your goals and aspirations in sight, and will help you stay inspired so that you can attain them.  You are not alone in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, you have Kim on your team !


Inside and Out : STRENGTH is about doing YOUR personal best. Kimberly can help you push through your personal limits and grow stronger in a very well rounded and progressive way . Creating a work out that is specific to your needs at that very moment, you can be certain that you will make tremendous gains throughout all aspects of  well being.

No work out is ever the same at THE INTEGRATED ATHLETE!

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Our brand new facility is conveniently located in the heart of Harrisonburg, Virginia. All of our equipment is specifically designed to enhance your individual training needs. Find out more about our location.

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