The Athlete

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The Athlete

EVERY ONE OF US is an ATHLETE !  No team needed. Jersey not required.  All you need to be an “athlete” is the desire to have a body and mind that moves the way it was designed to: Pain free, strong, flexible and agile. Regardless of age, gender or experience Kimberly wants to help EVERY BODY feel and move better.

Kimberly is putting together 3 different group workouts (limited to 10) based on her training and certification with Ignite 360. Train to Gain, Train to Improve and Train to Perform will all provide safe, fun and challenging workouts. Layering of 3 fitness components, Balance, Strength and Athletic Movement will be layered according to workout.  All Group workouts are limited to 10 participants .Look below for more details!


Train To Gain

Train to Gain is a group work out that will utilize 1 of 3 fitness elements at a time. Balance, Strength OR Movement will be utilized to improve the athlete’s fitness level . Simple : yes.  Easy : no.    All levels of fitness are appropriate.

Train to Improve

Train to Improve work outs have the possibility of  2 components being layered  . Strength and Balance……. Strength and Movement… ….. Balance and Movement……    all modifiable, all allowing for the intensity desired by the athlete. 

Train To Perform

GAME DAY !!!!    You have mastered the moves ,  now put them all together for ultimate performance.   All 3 fitness components can be combined to provide high level complexity and intensity .  Optimal performance depends on athletes experience in Gain and Improve.   

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